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Who we are

We are a Brazilian bilingual catholic school in the Semper Altius School Network, whose curriculum framework has been planned in order to provide our students with quality Integral Education, thereby meeting the demands of both today’s and the future’s world. The Integral Formation focuses on the intellectual, human, spiritual and academic areas.

Not everyone will agree on the concept of a perfect school. At Everest, we believe the school accountability is beyond academic performance. We prepare our students to be leaders capable of thoroughly using their gifts and fulfilling the unique plan that God has for each of them. We strive for our students to excel in the imperative areas: Academic Excellence, Formation of Character, Spiritual Development, and the Spirit of Serving. We believe our responsibility goes beyond the classroom. Therefore, we have several optional programs in which our students can develop their gifts and skills, ensuring an integral human development.

In our athletics program, we have a number of options, because we believe in the importance of sports not only for leading a healthy life, but also for forming character and developing teamwork, to overcome challenges as well as learning from both success and failure.

We offer plenty of alternatives that complement their knowledge and enrich their formation, such as: music workshops, a school choir, drama, robotics and arts.

Regarding social issues, we make sure our students are engaged in a range of projects, so that, from an early age, they are exposed to the reality of children who have not had the same opportunities as they have, raising awareness of social inequality worldwide and of the individual’s role in building a better society.

The parental involvement to the max is crucial for the full development of children. We promote numerous events throughout the whole year whose focus is on family. Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Grandparents’ Day, Everest Family Day and many other family-centered moments.

Furthermore, we offer other activities parents and community-oriented that aim at allowing these people to fulfill their roles as parents and better raise their children, participating along with teachers in the teaching of values – weekly sports activities, lectures on education, current affairs and faith, spiritual retreats, wedding vow renewal ceremonies, daily masses, confessions, spiritual guidance, parent prayer groups, missions, volunteers opportunities in our social action projects and the like so that, together, we are able to grant Everest education quality standards to our students.

Our Board

A good school is, above all, made of competent professionals who are capable of giving their best to assure students the outcomes of education aspired for. We work relentlessly on training and empowering our professionals to help them educate, teach and form our students.

Meet below the team that makes Everest a great success.


Our school premises are not merely a place to host students and teachers, store books, or where classes are taught. Students spent most of their childhood and adolescence at school. For that reason, it must be more than four well-built walls. It must offer a positive atmosphere, encourage hardworking attitudes and learning, social interactions and formation of individuals. Our facilities were designed to generate ideas and evoke positive emotions; arouse interest in learning; be cheerful, comfortable and safe; connecting children with nature and promoting quality social interaction.


ICIF BRASIL (International Center for Integral Formation) is the body responsible for doing research, implementation and the curriculum assessment of all the Everest Schools in Brazil. Its main purpose is to ensure the quality of pedagogical services in integral education. We are part of ICIF’s worldwide network, an international Catholic organization that develops and maintains pedagogical models of excellence, faithful to the principles of Christian humanism, with processes that focus on theory, practical innovation and the needs of society.

ICIF’s mission is to design, develop, and implement educational models that are recognized for their innovation and excellence, that include data-driven assessments and evaluations to ensure quality, and that are promoted worldwide. ICIF’s vision is to be the top developer of educational models of excellence, inspired by and faithful to the principles of the Catholic Church, and the charisma of charity of the Regnum Christi Movement. Drawing upon decades of experience in developing and operating schools, ICIF is a valuable resource to schools in every stage of development.

ICIF offers a wide range of services: from curriculum, assessment, accreditation, and professional development for teachers, to architectural design for school buildings, and marketing tools. In 2012 ICIF became a partner organization of AdvancED and since then it offers accreditation based on indicators, assurances and evidences that support the school quality formation and its Catholic identity. ICIF accredits schools in the following countries: Argentina; Brazil; Chile; Colombia; South Korea; El Salvador; Spain; U.S; Philippines; Ireland; Mexico; Switzerland; Venezuela.


ICIF provides schools with a comprehensive education program designed to achieve integral formation in all students, development of an extensive, balanced, and challenging academic curriculum.

Professional Development

Sound professional teacher development is fundamental to our mission. We offer teachers intensive training courses, online courses, teleconferences and classroom level assessment so that they act in a competent and confident way in the integral formation of students as well as use the suitable methodology for each area of knowledge.

Semper Altius

We are a member of the Semper Altius School Network, an educational group with more than 60 years of experience implementing the Integral Formation model set forth by the Legionaries of Christ in 17 countries over the world.

Our mission as an educational institution is the integral formation of the young in cooperation with their families, in order to provide society with constructive leaders, convinced builders of the civilization of justice and love according to the principles of Christian humanism.


It is an expression that means “ALWAYS HIGHER” in Latin. It expresses our aspiration that, with each passing day, our students reach the maximum integral development possible.


TEACHING – Developing all the student’s intellectual faculties enabling students to use them as their own personal apparatus in the process of building knowledge. Teaching means leading students to learn how to think, express themselves, and learn about self-studying routine and techniques.

EDUCATING – Helping the students put the moral and principles learned into use in their daily lives, so that they fully develop.

FORMING – Stimulating each of the students to reach a mature and well-balanced personality, with a sense of transcendence, moral, and freedom.

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Around the World

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